Offering Custom Plastic Injection Molding & Mold Making Service

FDX Molding offers comprehensive custom injection molding and mold-making services whereby all aspects of the project are conceptualized and implemented based on the specifications present to us by the client.

Your Reliable Injection Molding Manufacturer

Do you need precise injection molds or plastic injection molding services? FDX Molding has the right solutions for your project.

We are a reputable injection molding manufacturer that offers design, prototyping, and injection molding services. We use premium quality materials to ensure we deliver durable products with high functionality.

Have a custom design concept in mind? No problem. Simply send it to us and we will implement it to perfection.

Competitive Pricing

at least 15% reduced cost

Quality Assurance

High precision, feasible design.

Short Lead Time

2 times faster than foreign competitors

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Products

FDX Molding has successfully handled over 2,000 injection molding projects for clients in different industries. We have a diverse team of designers and engineers that specialize in particular industries. This is essential as a molded part manufacturer should adhere to each industry’s guidelines when injection molding products.

Automotive Injection Mold

  • Flexible customization
  • Reliable and safe parts
  • On time and on budget
  • High accuracy and fine detail

Appliance Injection Mold

  • High precision
  • High performance
  • Increased profitability
  • Exquisite details

Electronic Injection Mold

  • High degree of design freedom
  • Advanced physical properties
  • Shorter assembly times
  • Lower total costs

One-Stop plastic injection molding solution

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Injection molding part design

We bring together innovation, technology and experience to solve the challenges of turning an entirely new product, concept or idea into a marketable solution.

Precision injection tooling

With advanced techniques and equipment, we're able to produce a mold with high quality and tight tolerance from simple to complex design.

Plastic injection molding

We produce injection molded parts on industry leading CNC and EDM equipment. We are able to produce a plastic part with high quality and tight tolerance.

Professional Mold Expert at Your Service


Confirm Your Design and Concept

Our design and engineering experts engage each client to discuss the details of their proposed part or mold design. Through this process, we get to fully understand our client’s needs and expectations.


Realize Your Product and Mold Design

At this stage, our team develops products or custom mold designs based on the client’s requirements. This is done using CAD and analyzed using Mold Flow Analysis technology.


Make Your Mold and Samples

We offer our clients samples and prototypes for them to evaluate and approve before manufacturing begins. This ensures we implement custom designs to each client’s satisfaction.


Conduct Mass Production

Our production team begins mold making and injection molding parts manufacturing immediately after we receive client approval. Each unit undergoes quality testing after production.


Delivery of Quality-Approved Molds and Injection Molded Parts

All molds and injection molded parts are shipped to our clients after quality approval and packaging processes. Our customer service team will liaise with you to ensure delivery is effected smoothly.

Case Study

Car Dashboard Lenses with Excellent Polishing Performance

Our customer reached us on our website when his automotive part company was in need of car dashboard lenses that should have excellent surface finish. FDX Molding helped improve the product design for better polishing results, and was able to produce the plastic part in only 5 weeks.

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Hear What Our Customer Says

Adrian from Romania Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

First samples of MAH0034—R622-132-3 We have received today the samples of MAH0034 and we are happy with the results. For the moment we are expecting customer feedback. I want to thank you for the effort invested in achieving the quality and deadline for this project.

Joe from USA Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

First shot of Tool 9566 & 9567—R801-13 The customer was very happy to get the parts so quickly and said they looked very nice. They are reviewing the dimensions and will hopefully get us feedback soon.

Richard from USA Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Weekly process report—R2076.1 Thank you for the update and efforts. It’s refreshing to get a consistent and clear progress report from a tooler/molder. So far, this is superior to the 30+ projects I have run in Switzerland, US, Korea, China, &Taiwan during my career.

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