Part & Mold Design

In injection molding, parts are manufactured by injecting molds with molten plastic for it to take the shape of the mold. Mold design is, therefore, crucial as it determines how well apart will be replicated.

Providing Professional Mold Design Services

Plastic injection mold design entails developing a mold with features that are identical to the part you intend to manufacture.

At FDX Molding, we use high-precision technology to develop molds that capture every detail of your part design. Our experienced design team and injection mold design engineer will consult with you throughout the mold designing process. This ensures that we deliver a mold structure that is viable in terms of production but also fulfills your part design requirements. Our services are affordable and we guarantee you a stress-free customer experience.

Plastic Injection Tooling Designs For All Your Needs

Two-shot Mold

In two-shot molding, two different resins are consecutively injected into a mold by runners at different positions. We offer mold designs that rotate between both runners while keeping the part stable.


Overmolding requires parts to be formed, cooled, and injected with a second layer of resin. Our overmold tooling designs have well-positioned parting lines to allow easy vertical opening of the mold.

Insert Mold

We offer insert mold designs for both manual and automated insertion processes depending on your production setup. They can also be customized to address the insert molding challenges of specific materials.

Hot Runner Mold

A hot runner mold operates in conjunction with a hot runner system. Given the high temperatures involved, we design our molds with heat-resilient gates and a two-layer structure for temperature control.

Cold Runner Mold

Cold runner systems are unheated and do not require much temperature control. We, nonetheless, provide two-plate and three-plate mold designs based on the type of part our client is manufacturing.


Our multi-cavity molds are ideal for manufacturing high volumes of parts in fewer production cycles. They are designed to form multiple units of the same part for every molten plastic injection.

Why You Need Injection Mold Design

Manufacturing Quality Parts

The quality of all the parts you manufacture will depend on the accuracy of your mold design.

Reducing Production Costs

Getting the right mold design saves you operational costs because parts would be formed with precision without wasting any materials.


A high-performing mold shortens cycle times as all functions run smoothly. This would reduce energy and labor costs.

Our Consultative Design Approach

Send Us Your Mold Sketch

We encourage you to send us a sketch of your mold design with precise details and dimensions. This enables us to deliver exactly what you need.


Our design and injection mold engineering experts will reach out to confirm and discuss the sketch details. This would include details of the part design too.

Issuing DFM Analysis Report

After analyzing all the information, our team issues a report on the manufacturability of the part or mold. We may also recommend ways to optimize designs.

4 Considerations For a Perfect Injection Mold Design


The quality of the material influences the quality of the part. Further, some surface finishes, wall thicknesses, and injection mold designs can only be achieved using certain injection molding materials.

Mold structures

Good quality molds deliver well-structured parts and reduce wastage through reject units. They are also durable and meet recommended injection mold slider and lifter standards.

Mold Precision and Tolerances

A mold should accurately capture the dimensions and design details of a part. Additionally, it should be designed with high tolerances to ensure the parts that are manufactured are standardized.

Project Budget

Complex plastic injection mold designs like two-shot molds cost more. If you are on a tight budget we can adjust high-cost design aspects like high tolerances and premium materials to suit your budget.

Designs That Work for You

As a manufacturer with many years of experience in the plastic injection molding industry, FDX Molding knows very well whether the design of a mold or plastic part is suitable for the manufacturing process. At FDX, we combine product functionality and manufacturability to provide you with product design modifications, to offer products that fit your needs, save your time and money.


What you can get from our design service:

  • Concept sketches and renderings
  • Expedite the manufacturing process
  • Technical advice for design improvement
  • Ensure part quality
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturability)
  • Affordable design fee
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Efficient communication

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