Automotive Injection Mold

FDX is an industry leader in the creation of injection mold products that are used in various industries, including automotive. Our automotive injection
molds are made using the highest quality raw materials so they are strong and durable.

Why Automotive Manufacturers Choose FDX Molding

Focused on automotive injection molding for over 10 years, FDX Molding is trusted by automotive manufacturers for the highest quality and most economical parts we produce. Let’s look at some of the benefits we offer:

Flexible customization

FDX Molding can produce a variety of automotive parts regardless of the vehicle design. ODM and OEM services are available.

On time and on budget

We help control costs and create a timetable for your project, taking full advantage of our supply chain network and injection molding capabilities.

Reliable and safe parts

We use engineering-grade resins sourced from reliable suppliers and have the production process under stringent quality control.

High accuracy and fine detail

Perfect combination of advanced machines and specialized techniques guarantees the car part is built to your exact requirements.

Your Professional Automotive Injection Mold Manufacturer

The car industry cannot do without automotive injection molding, and FDX Molding is at the forefront of creating suitable solutions in high demand by car manufacturers.

We have been in the plastic molding business for close to 15 years now, accumulating valuable experience with most of our work handled by qualified designers who create the best designs for a wide range of clients.

We also offer automotive plastic injection molding solutions in the form of molded parts that can fit in any type of vehicle, big and small. Our products are easy to use, strong, and can be customized.

Customize Your Injection Automotive
Parts by Full Processes

The molding process is detailed, and every part and mold design is conducted with attention being paid to quality and functionality. This is important since car parts have to be at their very best to ensure safety at all times.

We turn every idea into a reality through our reliable prototyping capabilities. Innovation is at the core of our company, and no matter how complicated the design may be, we are your best chance of bringing it to life.

We have the best machinery and manufacturing technology that churns out the best molds you will find in the market. Quality is as important as performance, and for that reason, we seek to strike a balance between the two.

All your needs can be handled with our injection molding process. The products we make are the exact measurements by weight and length with minimal room for error. We understand the need for parts that fit perfectly.

Various Injection Molds to
Fulfill Your Automotive Plastic Parts

We offer insert mold designs for both manual and automated insertion processes depending on your production setup. They can also be customized to address the insert molding challenges of specific materials.

In two-shot molding, two different resins are consecutively injected into a mold by runners at different positions. We offer mold designs that rotate between both runners while keeping the part stable.

Clear plastic molds are made of high-grade polished steel and are used to produce transparent plastic parts.

Large molds are specially designed to form large plastic components like those used in the automotive industries.

Satisfy Your Automotive Part Design with Full Consideration

We are a high-capacity automotive plastic parts manufacturer with a team of qualified injection mold engineers with experience spanning over 15 years.
Some of the design factors we consider when making our plastic automotive parts include the following.


We value quality over everything, and our clients get the best we have to offer. The raw materials we use for our manufacturing processes are high-grade.


Quality doesn’t necessarily equate to high prices. We have some of the best prices in the market, and all of that without compromising on the quality of the automotive injection molds.

Improved Product Appeal

Image is everything where automotives are involved. As much as performance is essential, looking at the part is just as vital. Good-looking parts inspire confidence in buyers.


Safety is essential in car manufacturing. In line with this, our products undergo rigorous tests to ensure they meet the highest safety standards, an essential quality in automotive manufacture.

High Accuracy

With the combination of modern manufacturing technologies, high-grade machines, and a team of trained workers, the automotive injection molds we make are of the right size and measurements.

Why Apply Injection Molding Parts to Your Manufacturing

The quality of a car is as good as the parts that make it. In the automotive industry, structural integrity is everything, and that’s what we try to uphold when making the various parts that are used in automotive manufacturing.

The procedures we employ in our plastic car parts production are top-notch, using the best raw materials to ensure that the end product comes out alright and strong at the end. This is very important because cars are machines that are used by people. Safety will always be a priority.

Automotive Injection Molded Parts

Case Study

Large Moulds

The mold industry is a custom manufactured industry, mold designed and processed according to customer’s products design drawings with requirements. Mold design is the most important part of the mold fabrication, sometimes, different mold manufacturers have different design concept and manufacturing philosophy, especially for large mold.

Hear What Our Customer Says

Rob from Australia As mentioned when you were visiting, we have a good relationship with a plastic injection molding in Shenzhen called FDX Molding. I would like now to introduce you to them. They have always been competitive on price and lead time with any other places we received quotes from but FDX consistently give us high quality parts and are able to add value to the part design throughout the mold design process to reduce costs and improve the end product. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a candidate for any part design consultation for high volume molding or manufacturing process you may require. Thanks.
Sonia from Romania I have received the samples you sent. I’m so glad to tell you, this is precisely what I need. They are perfect! Thank you for your excellent work.
John from USA I am very impressed with you and your company. I have received quotes from about 10 companies, and your quotation is the most professional looking one yet, and your English is outstanding. Please tell your boss about my sentiments.

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